Traviata (La)

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      Performances of La Traviata stand or fall to an unusual extent on their principal soprano; the first thing that needs saying about this Glyndebourne performance is that Marie McLaughlin has all of the attributes needed for a role that is fundamentally a virtuoso one, no matter how emotionally involving it is as well. The point about Violetta is that she is, with absolute authenticity, all of the things she becomes in the course of the opera--the febrile socialite and yearning love of Act One, the quiet domesticated woman of Act Two who sacrifices her love for Alfredo to precisely the family values he has talked her into espousing, the dying penitent of Act Three. Walter McNeil is an...

      Dettagli edizione

      * Durata 138 minuti
      * Colore Colori
      * Formato video Full Screen
      * Sistema Pal
      * Codifica Area 2 (Europa/Giappone)
      * Lingue Italiano
      * Sottotitoli Francese , Inglese , Tedesco
      * Audio PCM

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